WOWworthy Love Continued

SocialSurvey Loveyourlo campaign

Valentine’s day has passed, but we don’t have to stop spreading love to our teammates, customers and industry.

Last week, we spread our love with the #LoveYourLO and #LoveYourFrontlineTeam campaigns. Whether you are a Loan Officer, an insurance agent or a real estate agent, you received some frontline tools for engagement to WIN Local with Social. Let’s recap!

SocialSurvey’s WOWworthy educational platform has video tutorials for you to learn how to market your personal brand, drive your business socially and deliver customer experiences that set you apart in your industry. If you are a member of the SocialSurvey community, we also offer an exclusive course with EmmaM Online for becoming a Digital Mayor for your local community. Don’t forget to visit and set your reminders to watch our weekly live shows.

Hear how James Duncan’s team at Thrive Mortgage gained 19% engagement and uplift on Google by following our WOWworthy practices and fully engaging the SocialSurvey platform.


Here’s a preview of our Recipe to WIN Local…

  • Brand-Specific Content: Your team provides you with a great library of resources to educate buyers on the available product range. Use it!
  • User-Generated Content: You have SocialSurvey, make sure you are connected and using it!  Then, go further and leverage those 5-star reviews. Watch to learn more about HOW.
  • Authentic Agent Content: People buy from people they like and trust.  And you can bet on the fact that future customers are looking at your social channels before they reach out to do business with you. Balance the first 2 buckets with ⅓ of the content coming from YOU—the person who will be delivering the experience. Don’t underrate the importance of putting a version of YOU on your business social channels.

Awesome recommendations!

Name Matt White15:45

Digital Mayor and our Marketing Team Edition videos can be your training camp to become the best in your industry. Become a Top Performer in 2020 by focusing on your 2019 customer satisfaction and commitment to your online business channels. This year’s results release 3/7/19. All SocialSurvey customers were automatically entered.

We are continuously seeing our customers discuss strategies with SocialSurvey’s own Facebook certified, social media professional EmmaM. They’re also watching our team’s videos to map their route to local success and great customer satisfaction. Use our resources to maximize your results and your success will speak for itself.

Village Mortgage has almost fully engaged with their SocialSurvey platform, currently at 99.5%. Robbin Myers, Director of Marketing, tells us our Marketing Team Edition education series has supported efforts to connect with SocialSurvey and make the most of their engagement using the platform suggestions. WOW!

Here’s an awesome review for Village Mortgage’s Tracey Jackson, a winner of our 2017 Top Performers Campaign, from a February transaction:

5.00–Tracey was very helpful and also available to answer questions in a very quick manner. I was expecting a painful process based on my last loan experience and this was the exact opposite. I’m really happy how easy, quick, and how professional the whole process was. I would recommend Tracey and her team to anyone.

Andrew F.

We expect to hear many more stories like this one. It starts with becoming immersed in our WOWworthy platform and tuning in weekly.

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