WOWworthy Energy Drives Engagement

Scott Harris SA Ibrahim SocialSurvey

SocialSurvey CEO, Scott Harris, sits down with SocialSurvey investor and former CEO of Radian, S.A. Ibrahim, on why energy leads to engagement between employees and customers.

See the full transcript below:

Scott: So I’m sitting here with the legend, S.A. Ibrahim, former CEO of Radian. I could take 10 minutes to go through all the things this guy’s done. A partner here at SocialSurvey, S.A., we are less than a month out from the #CreateWOWSummit; we’re gonna hang out with all our customers. We’re gonna do some really cool partnership with you and speaking and so we’re excited to have you here. What are you looking forward to?

S.A. Ibrahim: Well, more than anything else Scott, as an investor in SocialSurvey, I’m so excited about the success you’ve achieved. And every time I come here, I feel so thrilled watching the energy in this place. I’m looking forward to seeing that energy with the customers and the engagement you bring to the process.
Because the lesson I’ve learned in life is that the two most important assets in any company and they don’t show up in the financials of the company, are its customers and its employees. I’m looking forward to seeing the interaction between the two.

Scott: I’m really looking forward to first, you’re speaking, and you’re telling your stories. Our own conference is more story focused, right? And so hearing not just your lessons, but hearing your stories and your background; super excited about it. Every time I get in a room with you I think, “oh, we should have recorded that.” Right, every other thing out of your mouth. And then second, I can’t wait for you to interact with our customers and see the way our development process works, and our active listening with our customers. I can’t wait to see you in a session and contributing with all of us. I think you’re gonna even be more excited.

S.A.: Having sat in on some of your planning sessions, I think this has the potential to be an extremely exciting session. I think the customers will walk away from it probably with more, getting more than anybody else, and that’s great—that’s how it should be. If the customers walk away from it thinking of new ways in which they can grow their business. I always used to tell my customers our success is based on your success. So, our whole focus is on driving your success. If you’re, if we can help you become more, you know, profitable, or larger, or whatever, then it will help us.

Scott: I think one thing is for sure. They’re going to leave exhausted.

S.A.: Well, off to the races as they say.

Scott: Exactly, exactly. All right, we’ll see you in September.

S.A.: Looking forward to it.