Why I Chose SocialSurvey – Q&A with Doug Warren, CTO

SocialSurvey new team member Doug Warren, CTO Chief Technology Officer

The SocialSurvey team has grown significantly over the past several years to support exciting new initiatives and partnerships. But our most recent hire, Doug Warren, fills a role that is essential to our core mission—designing and perfecting innovative tech solutions that Create WOW for our partners every day.

Doug joins us as Chief Technology Officer at our San Ramon, CA location following years of experience with enterprise and consumer applications, particularly cloud computing, storage, email, social, eCommerce, big data and security. Doug specializes in Agile development, SaaS products, technical staff development, network operations and cross-functional product success.

Having Doug on board means added support for the SocialSurvey community and our growing verticals, and ensures we will remain responsive to your needs throughout upcoming product developments.

Read on to learn more about Doug’s background, his foosball skill level (the office games here get competitive!) and what he’s most excited about in his new role with SocialSurvey.

Doug Warren CTO SocialSurvey

Why you chose to work at SocialSurvey?

“Innovation and fun. Great developers, a state-of-the-art technology platform and a CEO that “gets it” make me excited to come to work every day.” – Doug Warren, CTO SocialSurvey

I work at SocialSurvey because of the talent and vision of the people I work with. This allows us to deliver a reputation system that builds the brand of our customers, and in the process makes me look good. Your reputation is your brand. It is funny that in the process of building brand quality for customers, my reputation and my brand gets a big boost.

What is your central SocialSurvey core value?

For now it has to be 2:

  1. Build Amazing Relationships
  2. Finish What We Start

I think my choice for central core value will shift as my team gains momentum. We plan on moving Create Wow higher up on the list in a few months. 😉

How good are you at Foosball?

Not THAT good, but I am an adrenaline/competitive junkie. I played in college, and later got a table and played against my daughter for several years.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy backcountry skiing, mountain climbing and bodysurfing.

Was there one moment that made you say, “Yes!” to working at SocialSurvey?

When I met Scott…(seriously)!

What is going to be your biggest challenge over the next 12 months?

Turning a great 1st product into a commercial-grade, enterprise platform while supporting sales growth across multiple verticals (it’s like remodeling an airplane while in flight). 😉