The Amazon Effect: Online Reviews

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Scott Harris, CEO of SocialSurvey, cares a lot about reviews. So it makes sense that his kids, like 10-year-old Charlie, do too. 

Charlie wanted DJ equipment for Christmas, so he took to Amazon for research. He knew that his dad is frugal (i.e. cheap) and sorted by price. Charlie found several options and dug into the reviews. When he came to Scott to make the ask, he was armed for victory.

I want a Pioneer DDJ-SB3 for Christmas. It’s only $227 and I read the reviews,” he said. “It has a 4.4 rating on Amazon and most of the unhappy people just couldn’t figure out how to use it.

Charlie Harris

Scott’s 10-year-old son knew exactly what he wanted, even though he had never used or seen it on a shelf. He is a different kind of buyer than his father or father’s father. He relies on Social Proof

Companies are now forced to listen to the voice of their customers and constantly improve their products and service levels. Consumers are influenced by and are making purchasing decisions based on others’ reviews – it’s social proof. A company’s success is controlled by customer experiences.

Charlie doesn’t like going to stores. He’d rather take 10 minutes and find the best product at the best price online, what Scott calls the Amazon Impact. It further underlines the reality of the Experience Economy and shows that customer experience drives business outcomes.

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