SocialSurvey’s Product Roadmap – Voted on by our Customers at the #CreateWOWSummit


WOW! That was some Formula 1 race car driving on the SocialSurvey tracks at the #CreateWOWSummit! Thanks to all of you who took the wheels, steering our SocialSurvey Product Roadmap. We gotta lotta miles outta that experience with all of your incredible input. THANK YOU!

For those of you who didn’t make to the SocialSurvey tracks, or need a refresher, there were a number of hyper-drive sessions reviewing and ideating new/existing features, UX design, usability, compliance and potential outcomes for each of our products on our SocialWorks platform. After each session, votes were counted and ranked in priority of what needs to get done next, including finding a WINNER for the next product we’re building (find out below!).

Our SocialSurvey development team certainly has a lot to do in upcoming weeks and months. Thanks for filling their tanks. Below are the highest priorities for our products.

SocialSurvey – Roadmap Priorities

  • Reply to Reviews — This was the most highly debated feature and the most in-demand feature requested. The SocialSurvey development team is tasked to create a ‘reply to review’ UI, which includes loan officer reply controls tied to a minimum score throttle. It also needs to include the ability to reply to Google and Facebook reviews, in addition to SocialSurvey’s.
  • Add Customer Photo to Reviews – Add an integrated workflow at the end of the take survey workflow that allows happy customers to add a picture of the home, family, or a reviewer to the customer facing UI, the widgets, and potentially social posts.
  • Creative Posts – Allow agents and Admin to select from alternate creative posts that will also allow for manual instagram posts. Integrating the customer photo in the automated posts would also be a big win.
  • Send Reviews Via SMS – Adding an SMS gateway as a secondary workflow for incomplete surveys should give completion rates a significant boost.
  • Administrative Locks – Advancing the administrative controls beyond existing limits was another high priority. For instance, a locking throttle to remove the ability for non super admins to delete or edit users.

We welcome additional input in support of our SocialSurvey Roadmap Priorities.

Please share your thoughts here.

SocialMonitor – Roadmap Priorities


  • Mentions Monitor – Add an online monitor for any company specific online posts, communication, news, etc.
  • Archive Media for Current Text Based Social Media Monitor – Improve archiving within the current text based system, also linking to the locally stored image of the original social post, as well as all back and forth communication.
  • NMLS ID Checks – Check all loan officer, branch and regional connected websites for the relevant NMLS ID. Also, take screengrab and store an encrypted copy of the website image based on a periodic throttle (i.e. every 30, 60 or 90 days.

We welcome additional input in support of our SocialMonitor Roadmap Priorities.

Please share your thoughts here.

WINNER!! SocialListings – Roadmap Priorities

It was a race between SocialMarketing and SocialListings that wasn’t even close. SocialListings was voted the clear winner because of how much it’s needed and how quickly it can be implemented. Stay tuned for SocialMarketing though, as it will have another day on the track!

  • Consistent Citations Connections – Build a standardized schema that will allow us to connect to third party APIs and ensure that citations across all listings websites are consistent.
  • Reviews on Google – Connect to Google’s paid bidirectional API to post listing data (NAP data) and integrate reply to reviews.
  • Manage Listings on Infogroup – Connect to Infogroup’s post API to manage 100+ Listing sites.

We welcome additional input in support of our SocialListings Roadmap Priorities.

Please share your thoughts here.

The SocialSurvey platform is designed with you and for you. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need under one hood to help drive your business and relationships online. Thank you again for your critical input. We’ll pull over and check back in a month from now to update you on our progress.

Special thanks to our guest speakers Julie Millare, Mark Graham, Rick Sharga — and to all attendees who contributed to our SocialSurvey Roadmap!