Pets of SocialSurvey

Employee Pets of SocialSurvey

With the new movie, Pets 2, coming out in June, we thought it would be fun to highlight the furry and scaly friends of our SocialSurvey staff.

Read on for doggone cute pics (we think!) and fun facts about our purr-fect pets.

The Dogs, Cats (& Fish!) of SocialSurvey

Pets of SocialSurvey -Gaby Esposito
Owner: Gaby Esposito | Pet’s Name: Charlie
Fun fact: Corgi/Dachshund Mix. Likes to urinate on electronics.

Pets of SocialSurvey - Pat McCauley
Owner: Pat McCauley | Pet’s Name: Lucy
Fun Fact: Only sleeps in the closet.

Pets of SocialSurvey - Kristin Morrah
Owner: Kristin Morrah | Pet’s Name: Gizmo
Fun Fact: Hit by a car twice and lived!

Pets of SocialSurvey - Dexter Miguel
Owner: Dexter Miguel | Pet’s Name: Loki
Fun Fact: He hates pickles.

Pets of SocialSurvey - Laurie Courtwright
Owner: Laurie Courtwright | Pet’s Name: Crash
Fun Fact(s): He is a golf course dog, and loves to chase birds and rabbits. His favorite treat is string cheese.

Pets of SocialSurvey - Debbie McCommon
Owner: Debbie McCommon | Pet’s Name(s): Simon & Stewart
Fun Fact(s): Brothers
Simon (AKA “Simōne”)- A proud hunter & loves to leave me “presents” from his hunts on my porch. He is a scrappy cat & fights off the native foxes & possums that invade the yard.

Stewart (AKA: Stewie) – A true cuddle bug. Follows me around the house just waiting for a lap & pets. A true scaredy cat–scared of any other human being (or anything!).

Pets of SocialSurvey - Trevin Haseltine
Owner: Trevin Haseltine | Pet’s Name: Newton
Fun Fact: Likes to take showers.

Pets of SocialSurvey -Rebecca Blocker
Owner: Rebecca Blocker | Pet’s Name: Kimo
Fun fact: He loves TV.

Pets of SocialSurvey -Craig Pollack
Owner: Craig Pollack | Pet’s Name: Fen
Fun Fact: From Baltimore.

Pets of SocialSurvey - Clay Cahoon
Owner: Clay Cahoon | Pet’s Name: Denim
Fun Fact: Denim’s soccer skills are unsurpassed and he has sick hops. He works my son and I out in the front yard. We play monkey-in-the-middle, where he’s the monkey-dog and we’re trying to keep it away from him. Even though he’s 8″ high, he can jump up 4′ to grab a ball going overhead.

Pets of SocialSurvey - Stevie Burger
Owner: Stevie Burger | Pet’s Name: Jordan (dog), Mittens (cat)
Fun Fact: Jordan sits like a human and Mittens sleeps on her back and has been mistaken as dead a few times.

Pets of SocialSurvey - Ryan Bones
Owner: Ryan Bones | Pet’s Name: Derek Fisher (body double)
Fun Fact: Once hit a game winning shot with 0.4 seconds left!

We’re hiring LOTS of new staff members in 2019. Check out our WOW Careers page for current job openings, and be on the lookout for more pics of our staff companions. 🙂