On the Road to WOW Branches

SocialSurvey WOWs Branches on the Road

This Spring Break, SocialSurvey’s been gearing up for some road trips. We’re heading out to deliver and recognize some WOW to our Branch Managers. We want to shine a light on all their great successes, while learning what we can do to improve our SocialSurvey platform. And, more than anything, get face-to-face to build more connected, partner relationships.

This year, our Customer Success Managers have been focused heavily on our partners’ branches winning locally. We have made calls, sent emails and ran webinars all to help understand each branch’s needs and pain points. We also helped branches understand the 6 ways that SocialSurvey continues to help you win locally:

6 Ways SocialSurvey helps mortgage and real estate professionals win local:

  1. Social Sharing – The average Facebook account has 338 friends. Collecting and sharing the True Voice of the Customer on Loan Officer, Branch and Company social pages creates a lot of loan activity. As reported by our customers, this is the top workflow for turning reviews into referrals.
  2. Google My Business – A significant portion of Google Maps’ search algorithm focuses on recency and volume of Google My Business (GMB) reviews. Ask your customers to write local reviews on GMB and you’ll love the SEO benefits.
  3. Zillow – Almost every time you google a loan officer’s name, their Zillow profile is on page one. This, combined with Zillow’s 160 Million+ unique visitors per month looking for a home, makes it an important place to park your Voice of the Customer (VOC) content.
  4. LinkedIn Activity Posts – Professional customers and the Realtors you want to do business with are already on LinkedIn. A steady stream of customer reviews shared to LinkedIn activity posts is a great way to grow your business and attract those hard to get Realtor relationships.
  5. Engage Realtors for Reviews – Don’t stop with customer content, ask the Realtors for reviews, as well. Then, share their voice on steps 1 through 4 above.
  6. Reviews on Your Company, Branch and LO pages – Make your website a one-stop shop for prospective customers. If they happen to land here first, handing them reviews eliminates their need to take the extra step of looking at a review site. It also portrays your company’s commitment to broadcasting the True Voice of your Customers.

Most branches have been doing great work in a tough climate, and we want to help them win even more. During our initial March Branch Virtual Outreach we gained a lot of valuable feedback from our Branch Managers. Our biggest takeaway was a lot of you didn’t know the power that you have with SocialSurvey and would love to learn more. Well here we come! During the week of April 22nd we will begin our first On-site Outreach to local branches.

We are packing up our WOW van, getting our CSM camera crew together and bringing the WOW during our Success road trip. Our first route will take us on a journey throughout California, Georgia and Tennessee. Our team is excited to gain a warm welcome to your Branch.

If you would like to add your branch to our visit list, please contact us via Success@SocialSurvey.com today.