Lenders One Sponsors the #CreateWOWSummit

SocialSurvey Lenders One Sponsorship

Reporting live from Lenders One 2018 Summer Conference, Craig Pollack from SocialSurvey connected with Matt Orlando from Lenders One to announce that Lenders One is sponsoring the highly anticipated Future Buyer session at the #CreateWOWSummit coming up in September. This session will feature a star-studded lineup mortgage of luminaries including Rick Arvielo, Barry Habib, Jon Gwin, and David Kawata.

View our video here:
SocialSurvey Lenders One #CreateWOWSummit

Register today for SocialSurvey’s “unconference” at CreateWOWSummit.com. Follow #CreateWOWSummit or email CreateWOW@SocialSurvey.com