EmmaM Online — Episode #3: The Tools of Facebook Business Manager for Multi-Location Brands

EmmaM Online Episode 3 Facebook Business Manager for Multi-Location Brands

There are a plethora of tools in Facebook Business Manager for multi-location brands. In this episode, we are exploring how they work for your brand.

“Using these tools in sequence will set your multi-location brand up for scale and success across all of your Facebook assets – allowing you to manage the enterprise while dominating local.”

-Emma Monro, SocialSurvey

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?

For a brand’s marketing team, how will you use the Plan, Create/Manage, Measure/Report, Assets and Settings tools within Facebook Business Manager?

In my opinion, using these tools gives you ultimate:

  • Control over your ad campaigns and Facebook pages
  • Certainty around what is happening for your brand in Facebookland
  • Data so that you have more certainty when preparing budgets against known outcomes
  • Collaboration with your team members

Next week, we are digging into an Introduction to Facebook Campaigns.

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