EmmaM Online — Episode 22: Locations and Local Search on Facebook

WOWworthy with EmmaM Episode 22 Winning Facebook Local Search 3-Pack placement

Facebook Launched Local Search

About two years ago, Facebook started noticing their users were increasingly using their platform to perform search queries. Google still reigns Supreme, but Facebook is gaining traction.

They took action, and around nine months ago they added a local search 3-pack to their user interface. It looks very similar to Google’s Local Pack. However, it’s not launching all at once. They are rolling out the feature in phases (Coffee shops, movie theaters and shopping malls are the first benefactors).

This Facebook enhancement has not been rolled out for mortgage yet, but it’s coming soon. Stay tuned!

“We do know that Facebook Recommendations is one of the key points in the algorithm for ranking to get into the 3-pack.” -EmmaM, Social Media Marketing Manager SocialSurvey

For example, when a user searches for a coffee shop, Facebook will give preference to the coffee shop that has lots of Facebook Recommendations from their happy customers.

In other words, if you want your business to show up in the 3-pack, you’ll want to start focusing on collecting Facebook Recommendations.

How SocialSurvey Can Help Your Brand Gain Facebook Recommendations

SocialSurvey has a dual workflow that can help you gain more Facebook Recommendations without lifting a finger.

If you have already mastered a lot of traffic going through to your Google My Business (GMB) locations, it may be time to talk to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to turn on the dual workflow. With the workflow, we’ll automatically send some of your happy customers to GMB and some of them to leave a Facebook Recommendation.

If you’re interested in driving your customers to leave Facebook Recommendations for your multi-location brand, contact your CSM today!

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