EmmaM Online — Episode 20: What is the Blueprint?

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What is the 5-star Review Blueprint?

Welcome to the Age of the Customer. The brand is no longer in your hands! In a nanosecond, the customer can take a brand down the tubes or make it go viral.

In the past, it was all about the logo on the door. Now, it’s the front line agents who are driving the experience. For mortgage companies, the loan officers are powering the brand.

“This is where consumers are. For hours of the day they are on social media. And so, one thing is trying to get these front line agents and loan officers to win their local markets, become the digital mayor and be right in front of consumers when they’re ready to buy or before.” -Clay Cahoon, CMO SocialSurvey

How can you create the moments-that-matter that lead to 5-star reviews?

The 5-Star Review Blueprint

The 5-Star Review Blueprint is a comprehensive guide that helps lenders easily ideate strategies and tactics (in as quick as an hours time) that put the buyer’s experience first—helping them to win raving reviews, repeat buyers and more customers.

Download your free copy of the 5-Star Blueprint and get your teams brainstorming solutions today!

5-Star Tips
Included in the Blueprint are tips like the 3-takeaways from running a Blueprint brainstorming session:

  1. Your Brand is no longer in your hands.
  2. Reviews are the keys to your next buyers’ homes.
  3. The 5-Star Blueprint will help get you to the front door.

5-Star Ideas
Here are some shared outcomes from the 5-Star Blueprint session at the Lenders One Winter conference:

  • Get LOs to “rip the Band-Aid off” and produce video stories to post to social media (ex: James Duncan at Thrive Mortgage ran a video-making session at an company annual meeting).
  • Offer gifts or record memories at each stage in the buying process for borrowers to recount at purchase in a communication that inspires them to write an incredible 5-Star Review.
  • Send before/after pictures a year later of where buyers came from to where they are now; or share with them the money they’ve saved over a year by locking in a great rate.
  • Team up with your realtor, leaving a nice kitchen item gift with a note that says you’ll come back in X number of days to cook new buyers a meal in their new home.

The home buying journey is challenging in the mortgage industry. It’s the moments-that-matter that add up to 5-Star Reviews.

Get your copy of the Blueprint today!

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