EmmaM Online — Episode 12: Instagram & your Parent Brand

EmmaM Marketing Edition Ep 12 70% of Instagram users turn to Instagram for decision-making

Instagram as a social platform is a visual representation of your brand. Your audience will land on your profile or newsfeed, take a quick look around and decide if you are interesting to them. They are looking to see if you are a reputable brand, and some will choose to follow you. They’re looking for eye-appealing content. Think of it as a visual version of the recipe we have discussed many times.

  • Brand Content
  • UGC – User Generated Content
  • Behind the Scenes – fill this bucket with the best visual excerpts from your Instastories

“People look at the organic newsfeed for discovery… and Instastories for live, unedited content. Which is perfect for each bucket of content?” -EmmaM, SocialSurvey

Episode Highlight: Facebook’s Search Focuses on LOCAL

Facebook has been turning their focus to LOCAL. Search results for Facebook Near Me are customized based on the user’s activity in Facebook, not based on activity outside of Facebook (such as Google).

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