EmmaM Online — Episode 11: Introduction to Instagram for Businesses

EmmaM Marketing Edition SocialSurvey WOWworthy Instagram for Businesses

Content for your Brand’s Instagram Stories

Instagram has 500 million daily users. WOW! I would bet that some of your local area audience is part of those 500 million. 🙂

Rather than a Facebook tip, this week I’m sharing how to EASILY create content using Instagram Stories.

“Work efficiently and effectively by creating content on Instagram that your audience wants to consume.” -EmmaM, SocialSurvey

WIIFM – What’s In It for Me?

EmmaM WOWworthy SocialSurvey Marketing Edition Episode 11 WIIFM Instagram for my Brand

How do you want Instagram to look for your:

  • Brand assets
  • Organic newsfeed
  • Highlights
  • Instastories
  • Instagram TV

Think about how you want Instagram to interface with your ad placement.

What do all of the above to look like for your location and your frontline team members?

Next week, we’re diving deeper into Instagram and your overarching parent brand.

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That’s a wrap of Episode 11. Thanks for all of your insights and collaborations, and see you all next week! Get the reminder.