Deep Listening

At the Lenders One Summer Conference, Sue Woodard, Chief Customer Officer of Total Expert, explains that you must refocus your time and energy from fighting the competition, to rather deeply listening to the wants and needs of your clients.

Think of your customer relationship as a ‘dating’ relationship. Neglecting to invest time into listening and understanding your clients can lead to losing them to the competition.  They may feel ignored, or start to think, ‘Do they really care about what I want?’ These are the last things you want going through your client’s head. You want your customer to feel like their requests are heard and their needs are understood. This will create a happier customer, a more seamless experience, and will eliminate their need to look elsewhere.

Don’t only wait for your customers to tell you what they want, but be proactive in asking them what they want. Using this strategy, SocialSurvey implements extreme listening at a whole new level. Customers are invited and encouraged to have a hand in building the future products of SocialSurvey. We put the client at the forefront, asking them, What should we build next? How should we use this feature? What do you want it to look like? Giving customers what they really want and need delivers a valuable experience.

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