Show Up For Social

SocialSurvey Show Up For Social EmmaM

Each week, the SocialSurvey team comments, educates and collaborates on all things social platforms for Multi-Location Brands. Show Up For Social is where we bring all of the most recent content in one space. First up, Facebook Blueprint Training – Marketing Team Edition – 30 minutes 11:30am PST each Tuesday from 01/15/19 on SocialSurvey’s Facebook […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 24: Facebook Developers Conference Update

EmmaM Episode 24 Facebook Developers F8 Conference Updates

Updates from the Facebook Developers F8 Conference Facebook recently held their F8 Conference. If you couldn’t tune in, here’s what you missed: Privacy continues to be a big concern Instagram ‘likes’ on personal pages are going away Facebook Messenger will soon be encrypted WhatsApp, Facebook Business Manager & Instagram Direct Messenger are merging into one […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 22: Locations and Local Search on Facebook

WOWworthy with EmmaM Episode 22 Winning Facebook Local Search 3-Pack placement

Facebook Launched Local Search About two years ago, Facebook started noticing their users were increasingly using their platform to perform search queries. Google still reigns Supreme, but Facebook is gaining traction. They took action, and around nine months ago they added a local search 3-pack to their user interface. It looks very similar to Google’s […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 20: What is the Blueprint?

WOWworthy with EmmaM and Clay Cahoon Episode 20 Blog The 5-Star Review Blueprint

What is the 5-star Review Blueprint? Welcome to the Age of the Customer. The brand is no longer in your hands! In a nanosecond, the customer can take a brand down the tubes or make it go viral. In the past, it was all about the logo on the door. Now, it’s the front line […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 18: Facebook Attribution

SocialSurvey WOWworthy with EmmaM Episode 18 acebook Attribution

Facebook Attribution What is it? For campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network, you can use the data-driven attribution model, which is a statistical model developed by Facebook that gives a percentage of credit to each touchpoint based on the incremental impact they had on driving business goals. “Facebook Attribution, a new measurement tool […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 17: The Insurance Customer’s Journey

WOWworth with EmmaM Episode 17 Insurance Customer's Journey SocialSurvey

The Insurance Customer’s Journey When the time comes to purchase or renew insurance, people have a variety of resources at their fingertips to help them—from discovery to purchase. Today, online channels provide an alternative to traditional conversations with insurance agents in-person and on the phone. “Help marketers understand how their customers and potential customers navigate […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 16: Intro to Mapping the Customer Journey

EmmaM Episode 16 WOWworthy with EmmaM SocialSurvey

Intro to Mapping your Customer Journey Imagine for a moment, new home buyers are at a cocktail hour with their new neighbors talking about moving into their home. Then, they quickly and enthusiastically jump to the part in the story about how their loan officer and real estate agent collaborated on a beautiful gift of […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 14: The Customer Journey

The Customer Journey What is a customer journey? Most look at frontline agents as a transaction and marketers as a conversion, but we’re actually talking about a path to building a relationship. Awareness. Interest. Consideration. Purchase. Repurchase. “If you’re not thinking like a consumer—if there’s more assumption than empathy backed by knowledge—then you’ll miss a […]

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EmmaM Online — Episode 13: LIVE Q&A for our Marketing Teams

EmmaM Marketing Edition Ep 13 Assets on Facebook and Instagram

LIVE Q&A for our Marketing Teams We went LIVE this week to answer questions from CMOs, marketing mechanics and social media managers on our brand marketing teams. Check out the full video to catch up on the powerful marketing tips and tricks that we shared. “Listen to what your customer is looking for. People use […]

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The 2019 Social Media Blueprint for Marketing Teams and Agents

SocialSurvey WOWworthy with EmmaM Newsletter 11

Looking for ways to elevate your Multi-Location Brand in 2019? We’ve got you covered. Here are 4 places you should be checking out regularly to help your brand stand out from the crowd. Facebook Blueprint Training – Marketing Team Edition Digital Mayor Training – SocialSurvey Users Edition Behind the Review Instastories LIVE! 1. Facebook Blueprint […]

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