Are you Partnered? SocialSurvey Gap Analysis

SocialSurvey Gap Analysis

SocialSurvey recently launched its PartnersProgram to ensure all of our customers are getting the full value of the platform. Our focus is to ‘Connect’ and ‘Integrate’ fully with your business to form our ‘Partnership’. Throughout this program, SocialSurvey’s Success Team will develop a quarterly Gap Analysis for your account to work together to build our partnership.

The end of the quarter is a perfect time to reflect on your account health and overall marketing strategy. What’s working? What isn’t? What needs to change going into the next quarter? Our Success Team will complete this internal account audit and make suggestions and considerations to help level up your account health with SocialSurvey.

Unlike your annual check-up with your doctor, we promise the Gap Analysis process is painless. We will do most of the heavy lifting and will partner with you to help move the other items along. Our Gap Analysis has 2 important phases, helping you maximize the full value SocialSurvey has to offer.

SocialSurvey Gap Analysis

Phase 1 “Connected”
Phase 1 of our Gap Analysis will focus on ‘Connected’ items for our PartnerProgram to give you an overall Account score. We have set an internal benchmark score of 75% to measure your user adoption, social media connections, profile completion data, and Google My Business connections. A fully ‘Connected’ account is important for maximum value; you’ll gain the full benefits once you have transitioned to becoming highly ‘Integrated’.

Phase 2 “Integrated”
Phase 2 of our Gap Analysis will build on to our ‘Integration’ portion of the PartnerProgram to provide consultation on various features to further improve your efforts. During the ‘Integration’ period we will look at 4 key features: EmployeeWellcheck, SocialSurvey API, FB Pixel Integration, and Awards. Each feature provides value to different aspects of your business, whether your focus is recruitment & retention, SEO improvement, User Generated Content (UGC) for marketing campaigns, or employee award recognition. We offer valuable features to support your business focus:

  • EmployeeWellCheck: is a tool we designed to measure employee sentiment, turn it into a valuable asset for your company, and allow you to dominate recruiting platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed.
  • API Widget: Expand your Business with API integration by increasing visibility and driving Happy Customers to your website.
  • FB Pixel: SocialSurvey will automatically add your raving fans to your custom Facebook or Google audience page, so you can market whatever you want, whenever you choose! Additionally, you can build lookalike audiences to find future customers based on your current customer criteria.
  • Awards: SocialSurvey would love the opportunity to present your Top Performers with awards during your annual conference or sales rally. Please provide your CSM with the date(s) of your big company annual events.

We have used SocialSurvey’s multi-faceted and powerful testimonial survey platform for several years. We are extremely happy with the ease-of-use and the great customer service provided by the SocialSurvey team. The ability to integrate multiple platforms including—Zillow, Google reviews, and Facebook—is a huge win for our loan advisors and for growing our business. -Matthew Sell, GSF

We are excited to ‘Partner’ with you and also look forward to consulting you with our quarterly Gap analysis to help you finish strong in 2018. If you have not had the opportunity to have your 2nd quarter Gap analysis call, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or